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Managed Print Services and the Cost of Printers

Nine out of ten companies do not track their printing costs, therefore, they have little or no idea how much they spend on printing. The average printing environment has many moving parts, presenting a variety of opportunities for costs to slip through the cracks. Time and time again, printing represents the largest underreported expense a business has. In fact, it can account for up to 15% of annual business spending which is why Managed Print Services is critical to a business.

Managed Print Services save time, money, and supplies – but determining what this means varies from company to company. Furthermore, businesses will learn how to break down what goes into the expenses of a printing environment, why Managed Print Services will save them money, and what goes into developing a print management strategy for a client.

Calculating the Costs of a Printing Environment

An office print environment is more than the printer, paper, finishing, and toner cartridges. While these visible elements are certainly a part of it, the print environment has several other factors to consider. When assessing a printing environment, it can be broken down into four distinct parts:

1. Equipment

Equipment includes the hardware and software needed for printing. The rise of multifunction printers with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and integration software has simplified this a bit. However, some printing environments may still use separate pieces of equipment, particularly for specialized print jobs.

2. Service and Repairs

Printers, like other mechanical devices, need periodic maintenance. The cost varies according to the model, its age, and the degree of the maintenance required.

3. Supplies

Supplies include toner or ink cartridges, spare parts, paper, and anything which is used during printing. Supplies that are used up during printing, like paper and cartridges, are often referred to as consumables.

4. Outsourced Printing

There will be print jobs that a business needs which its in-house printers cannot handle. Typically, these jobs require special paper sizes, paper stocks, or even occur in quantities beyond what the office workflow can accommodate. Common examples of these specialized print jobs include business cards, posters, bound printed matter, or photographs.

Why Printing Costs Are Unknown?

Most businesses do not realize how much their office actually prints, and it can be hard to quantify printing expenses or printing savings, especially since many businesses do not track their total printing costs. Even when they do, printing represents an incredible challenge when it comes to gaining and maintaining visibility. This happens because:

  • An office has many printers, not all of which may be connected to a central network.
  • Every employee has access to the printer.
  • Staff or departments order their printing supplies as necessary then bill the company.
  • Third-party support is called frequently.
  • The staff spends time fixing paper jams or printers themselves.
  • Runs to print shops are made without prior approval or knowledge.
  • Extra pages or documents are printed by accident.
  • Jobs are sent to incorrect printers and abandoned.

Printing costs remain a mystery when the print environment is decentralized and overly accessible. Managed Print Services help to bring this under control.

How Managed Print Services Bring Costs Under Control?

Having a specialist take the reins of a company printing environment lends several advantages to both the efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of office printing.

Clients who work with managed print experts enjoy:

A Comprehensive Print Environment Assessment

A comprehensive assessment identifies the devices, physical layout, current usage, projected printing needs, and existing users in a print environment. Such data grants insight into an organization’s baseline printing cost.

A Roadmap Towards Print Efficiency and Usage Reduction

After discovery, RJ Young specialists develop a strategy which meets printing needs with the most efficient devices and processes possible. The roadmap emphasizes a reduction of the number and types of printing devices, plus a transition to a stricter print control policy to reduce usage and environmental impact.

Proactive Monitoring to Maximize Up Time

Managed Print Services help spot problems before they impact a print environment – and that monitoring occurs regardless of printer brand. Whether it is security monitoring, usage tracking, or the automatic replenishment of supplies, Managed Print Services save time and money by sidestepping costly downtime from avoidable problems.

Ongoing Training and Expert Guidance to Streamline Printing Processes

It is not enough to simply have the best tools: RJ Young empowers its clients to use them more efficiently through expert training and guidance. Users will learn strategies to maximize printing potential, minimize unnecessary printing, and receive support in transitioning to a new, efficient printing process.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Beyond cost savings, RJ Young’s Managed Print Services convey a host of benefits which any company, large or small, will find valuable. These include:

Total visibility of the print environment.

Businesses will never again have to worry about who is printing, what is being printed, and what device it’s being printed from. This total visibility also includes hidden costs which clients do not always take into consideration.

Fixed allocated budgets for printing costs.

Receive no unpleasant surprises with a pre-determined, fixed bill. RJ Young’s flat monthly fee covers equipment, service, and toner.

Ongoing monitoring for adjustments.

Managed Print Services support the evolution of a company’s printing needs to optimize usage while keeping your cost of ownership within your company’s budget.

Supplies ordered on an as-needed basis.

Eliminate the need to maintain an inventory and the costs associated with acquiring supplies.

Staff is empowered to focus on work.

Staff can focus on work rather than fixing printers or hunting for supplies.

Increased security across the print environment.

Mitigate the costs of breaches, lost documents, and disappearing devices or supplies.

Custom Pricing for Custom Solutions

Business needs are not static or identical across even the same industry. One sign of a competent Managed Print Service provider is the ability to provide flexible and customized solutions that are appropriate for the specific company’s needs and goals. Such solutions may leverage multiple brands at once or reach beyond common solutions for a more personalized approach.

RJ Young’s Managed Print Services offer:

  • Flat fee and cost-per-page pricing solutions which work with a company’s budget.
  • Contracts that are flexible and can be adjusted as necessary.
  • In-house leasing options for printers.

Printer Leasing Program:

The upfront cost of purchasing printers can be pricey, making equipment acquisition the biggest hurdle to establishing the printing infrastructure a company needs. This is why many companies choose to outsource their printing. However, even outsourcing eventually adds up, especially for companies with demanding printing needs.

Yalobusha General Hospital and Nursing Home Benefits from Managed Print Services

Yalobusha General Hospital and Nursing Home in Yalobusha County, MS provides nurturing care to those needing all types of medical services. RJ Young helped Yalobusha save time and money by managing their printers through Managed Print Services. With RJ Young all ordering of printer supplies is fast and easy through ePASSTM. Yalobusha can place service calls, check call status, and pay invoices – all online.

Choose RJ Young for Managed Print Services

Many Managed Print Services simply rent printers to clients, and then the printer is returned to the provider at the end of the contract. At RJ Young, clients own their equipment at the end of a contract, making printing infrastructure more accessible and more valuable over the long run.

RJ Young has deep knowledge and proven expertise which makes it a preferred Managed Print Services partner for trusted brands and organizations. Start a conversation today with a Managed Print Service Specialist to see if Managed Print Services are right for you.

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